I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to reveal the messages to me from my departed loved ones. I have since shared my experience with some members of my family, and they were extremely impressed when I described your gift, and the details you were able to verify about the motorcycle accident, my wife, and my stepfather.
The experience brought me a great deal of peace, closure, and a feeling of confidence that this physical life that we know here on earth is neither a fluke, nor is it “all there is”.
My sister is interested in contacting you; I directed her to your new webpage - looks great by the way!
I wish you all the best in your future endeavors! You are a very special person.
— Mike Banach
I was absolutely blown away when she did my nephews reading with my wife and I, and then my In Laws. Not only was she extremely accurate in the details of the event, but also the way she conveyed the messages was unreal. I would highly recommend Kim for any readings, and I look forward to my future readings as well!
— Brett Smith
I had a reading from Kim the other night and WOW. I honestly do not have words for the way I feel, or how grateful I am to have heard about her. She definitely has a God given gift! I feel so much better KNOWING, not wondering that my mom is at peace now :)
I will definitely return in a few months for another reading.
— Leighann
Kim truly has a gift. I am so amazed and have never felt so much peace....the feeling is surreal to hear from loved ones. Kim is gentle, humble and God is truly using her. Thank you Kim for continuing to allow God to use you in such a gracious way.
— Kristy
I have known Kim since grade school and I must say when I was first told about her gift I didn’t believe it, mostly because I honestly don’t believe in anything of this type. Two years ago my husband and our family suffered a terrible tragedy and lost someone very dear to us all, in the years since it has certainly taken a toll on us, our family and each other, so in a last attempt to find some peace for my husband I decided to contact Kim, and was absolutely shocked when my husband agreed to also meet with her,(he is more skeptical than I could ever begin to be, and I myself am the Queen of skepticism) but I am soooooooo very grateful that I contacted her, she truly is VERY gifted and has definitely changed both of our minds about things like this. I was so re leaved to hear my husband tell me how much better he feels about what had happen after our meeting with Kim. I can not Thank you enough Kim for sharing your special gift with so many! You truly are a God send to help people the way you do :) you have completely changed my way of thinking and words can not express how grateful I am for what you did for my husband, we will definitely be contacting you again for another reading...... Thank you again!
— Kristie West
For starters I just want to say Thank you Kim! You coming out to our home to share your god given gift to my family was just truly amazing!! Our family just went through an unexpected loss back in April 2014. It rocked our world!! Never in a million years did any of us think we would’ve had to go through a loss of someone so special and important to us ALL at such a young age. His loss was just so unexpected! Still today it’s so unbelievable to ALL of us. We miss him sooooo much!!! Having Kim come out to our home and share her divine connection with us was just so comforting. She said things that only we would know. Kim did two separate family readings that day and each one was just so amazing to hear. Kim will make you feel very comfortable during the process. I will be in contact with Kim again really soon. Thank you and GOD bless.
— Kerri M.
The day you came to my office was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I share my experience with anyone who will listen. It was so emotionally draining but also so emoTionally healing. I recommend everyone to be open minded and experience a reading theirself. It will change your life.
— Josie Feeley
Thank you Kimberly for reconnecting me with my beloved grandparents, step father and old school friend. The connection has brought such peace to me and I am at peace with their absence from my life.
I am ever grateful for your beautiful readings that has helped my soul. Your gentle words are divine and I am thankful. God bless you on your continued journey as a medium and Reiki healer.
— Laurie Gladieux Smith
Kim is so amazing.She’s so patient and so helpful during the session that it feels as if i am talking with my sister. I truly don’t have any words to express my gratitude towards her.She connected me with my grandmother and uncle .She’s the best thing that happened to me. I love you Kim. You are blessed and a beautiful soul .
— Hema
I cannot express how grateful I am for your gift! Thank you for helping me begin my healing journey. I happily recommend your gift to others seeking validation from their loved ones.
— Kimberly
I had a wonderful session with Kim. She is very open and easy to connect with, you can feel her warmth through the phone. I am a part of the Channeling Erik blog and she was able to bring Erik’s communications in clearly, very concise and easy to follow, not to mention completely spot on and exactly what I needed. It is wonderful to speak with someone so down to earth and so talented, the information she brought in was tailored to fit my needs and very easy to understand. Thank you, Kim, I will be back!
— Marla
Thank you Kim for the wonderful message from my Father. It has allowed me to move past the despair of grieve and begin to heal. Your messages where right on and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing your gift.
— Amanda
Thank you Kim for the amazing reading! I’m so happy that you were able to cover so many different topics for such a short period of time and deliver the answers to the very tough questions. I felt like I was having a conversation with my husband, in which I was getting more valuable information that help me to heal my past wounds.
— Nina
Thank you Kim for channeling Erik! And for taking my very weirdly framed questions. I’ve been wanting to talk to someone who could help me with my issues and I haven’t been able to until this reading.
Thank you so much again!
— Jean
Thank you Kim for channeling Erik and my guide. I had wonderful session with her and with non physical friends. She delivered a lot of information that I have been seeking for long time. I had a best reading and am 100% satisfied!
— Zoe
Hi, Kim,
I was very impressed with your work, last night on C2C. I am saving for a reading. My area of interest are my two best friends, Malcolm and Jackie. They died in a tragic accident, growing up. I still grieve them; but feel like they are trying to talk to me.
P.S. Love the notion of living on a farm. Bravo!
— Cynthia Jones
I’ve heard you on C2C and at Channeling Erik, and you are clear and precise. It’s refreshing!
— Grace Leal