Good evening guys! HuMp Day is almost over and we are working ourselves right into the weekend already! Thank goodness! It's been a rough week! Yesterday, I fell and hurt my back pretty bad and spent some time in the hospital. The pain meds (I hate meds of all kinds) made me very sick, so I think I lost about 10 lbs yesterday. Today I've spent most of the time on couch trying to recover.

Anyhow, with the injury, I've been contemplating a lot. I'm trying to take time to listen to my body, and not force it into anything. Among resting, as I lay here, I shift all of my awareness to my root chakra which is where all of my pain is. I focus and listen, and can hear my body telling me the reason for this. And the reason for the pain. You see, the root chakra represents material things, your passion center, relationships & so on. So when I asked my body, " what did I misunderstand to cause this manifestation?" I heard the answer pretty quickly. Yesterday, I couldn't have done this, the pain was too loud. Anyhow, I'm hearing some things I need to pay attention to, and also some things ( passions of mine) that I need to collect in thought.

Additionally, self confidence is another place where I'll be investing my energy. I'm learning the value in listening to body, even when it's in pain and not running from the pain or the experience.

Here is a little thought to keep you going, too.

" There is nothing the body suffers that the soul cannot profit by." -George Meredith

Love & Peace, Spirit-Translator Kim Babcock www.kimbabcock.net kimsdivineconnection@gmail.com