Good morning! As I sit here and drink my coffee in the quiet, appreciating the stillness of the moments in the early morning, I realized something. With Christmas only 10 days away, and still so much to do, my mind tries to race from me. Thoughts, ideas and inspiration try to pull me into the future and out of the current moment. In my awakened state, I make the conscious effort to stay connected to the current moment, since, after all, that is all we really have. But in doing so I realize something much bigger. It seems that the root of all chaos and heartache is when we are not living in the current moment, rather, planning the future or reliving the past. You may feel rushed to make decisions about your future, or feel stagnant from situations in the past, but the truth is that none of that is you now. The only thing you have is the now in your life. So with this realization, don't get too caught up in the moments that carry you away, you'll figure it all out eventually. In the mean time, soak up the now , let it cradle you and the rest will work itself out.

Love & Peace, Spirit-Translator Kim Babcock