Manifestation- Part 2

Hello Everyone! I hope you have had a great week so far! Here is part two of Erik's 3 step explanation of teaching you how to work on manifestation. I hope you enjoy!

Part 2- Nourishing your seeds

K: Hey Erik, how are ya? Ya ready to do this? E: What's up, what's up?! Of course I'm ready, I'm always ready, when am I not ready? You ready? K: Ok, I get it. haha Well, we are on part two of how you wanted to break down manifestion into easy to understand step for people. So you can take it from here. E: Okie dokie then. Let me explain. We already talked about 'planting your seeds' of vision and emotion to begin the manifestation process. Next in importance is how you nourish those seeds, or how you nourish the visions you've planted. K: Ok, how/ what do we do? E: I love how you act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Ha! K: Haha, well I know, but I'm speaking for everyone else, cut me some slack here kid! E: That's right, you'll always be older than me! ahahaha ( laughing and pointing at me) K: Respect! I'm older & wiser!! haha Ok, stay focused! E: Right. Well, when we look at trying to manifest something, anything, we have to remember how important it is to nourish the visions and thoughts you put into what you're trying to manifest. This will help foster the manifestation. K: Ok, so how do we nourish? E: The emotions and thoughts attached are really important. The universe is very literal, so when you energetically nourish, be specific. So going back to the example of traveling. If you're trying to manifest travel, you've already put the vision and emotion to it. Now it's time to nourish it. You do that by Continuing to put vision, emotion and energy into. If you continue the energy flow, the manifestation will occur faaster. Think about it like this, if you plant an apple seed, you wouldn't just water it once and expect it to grow into a large fruit bearing tree. You have to keep at it. Manifestation is similar. Continue sending emotions and vision to the seed you planted. K: What else? E: Negativity. This is getting into the meat of it. Your ego wants to have a say in everything you do. You ego is going to get loud and try to make you doubt, and ask, ' well what is this happens' or 'I'm not sure about that'. Ego chatter is going to try and have a place in the all along the way, it's part of being human. It's your job to identify it and separate from it. Doubt, fear and worry in any form comes from ego. You have to work on trusting the Universe and squashing your ego. In releasing any fear, doubt or worry, this is energetically fostering the growth of your manifestation. K: Ok, so be direct and trusting to the universe? E: Yeah. The Universe is very literal. You can't manifest your dreams on a "someday" note. The Universe doesn't understand what "someday" means. You have to be direct and detailed. Instead of saying, " I'm going to travel there someday" tell the Universe, " I'm going to travel before I'm 30. ( He's laughing at me because I can't say this, because I'm 32! Ha! I'm happy to be my age!) K: Ok, I get it, but this sparks 1,000 more questions. E: Well, it's your turn to stay focused. K: Ok, so what next? E: Well, continue to send energy through thoughts and vision to what it is you're trying to manifest. This is the nourishment part. You have to foster it's growth, and the Universe will energetically match what you put out. K: Oh wait. What. So, the Universe matches my energy, reciprocates? E: Duh. This is how you create your reality. K: Oh, ok so same thing. E: Yea, try to keep up blondie! K: Ah ha, so funny! E: So, next we will talk about harvesting the energy you've put out there. I can see you're having a hard time keeping up. K; Haha well ya, kinda, just a lot to think about with the images you show me too. E: Sleep on it. ( Winks) K: Haha alright, well thanks! E: No problem! We'll finish soon! K: Ok!

He was being pretty goofy! Hope you guys enjoy! I'll post the last part in a few days!