Epiphanies - Manifestations of Divinity

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope this blog post finds everyone doing well, and settling right into the workweek. I have so many things I'm working on for your guys, and look forward to the springtime, when I can share and launch everything. Until then, I'm going to try and use my blogspace here, as much as I can find time for, to share things with you, that inspire me!

This past Saturday, I held an event in Columbus, Oh and it went great! We had such a great turnout, even more than we planned for so it was fantastic! While driving to the event that morning, I had a sudden epiphany that I want to share with you all.

While driving, I was reflecting on my process of communication, as a medium. You see as a medium, when I prepare for private sessions, and even larger groups and events, I always take time to 'separate' from my knowledge, my emotions, and my memory, in order to be in a clear space for channeling. Well, as I was driving, I decided to ask my guides what this process was all about. As always, their answer was simple yet profound to me. They said, " Kim, you are becoming present when you do this." At that moment, the light bulb came on. I didn't know why I was doing it this, even though it has been my routine for over 7-8 years now. You see, the memory, knowledge and emotions need the concept of time to exist and when you disengage from them to prepare for your spiritual encounter, you're becoming present. This is true consciousness, and in this place is complete access to the spiritual realm is available.

All this time, I had no idea why I was doing what I was doing. I was intuitively guided to do so, and now, years later I simply decided to ask why. Boy, what a monumental moment for me. This opens up a whole new way of thinking and living!

I hope this little tid bit helps you too!