March, 2017 Issue

Hi Elisa and Erik, 

Q: I appreciate your blog so much and look forward to it daily. Thank you for all that you do. So.I'm not very good at expressing myself.  I am not even sure I know exactly what I want to ask, or really how I should ask it.  Maybe I am suffering from postpartum depression, or just depression or maybe neither of those.  I don't know how I feel, I just know I should be feeling differently.  I might be just a bit lost and in that case, I would so appreciate some direction from Erik.  Anything, please, I want to change, I want to understand why... I just don't know where to start.

Thank you so much, Christina L

A:“ Christina, thank you for opening your heart to me for guidance. I first want to direct you into your heart, into the space that you feel uncomfortable. Listen to it, without trying to fix it. Learn from it by understanding your feelings. Remember your feelings and emotions can be deeply subconscious, but as soon as you take responsibility for the feelings you embody, you can also realize that only you have the power to change how you’re feeling, by the way you’re thinking. Christina, you continually give your power away, by convincing yourself, through illusions of the ego, that you don’t know how to change or what to change. You look at others, and long for their happiness. Through that longing, you give your personal power away. It’s simple. It’s a choice, but only you can make the choice. To bring in new awareness, listen to the heart, through the heart. Also, ground yourself through the root chakra.”


Hello Elisa,

 Q:Thank you for asking for Ask Erik column questions.  Here is one, if you would like to use it.How does an empath remain unaffected by the negative energy and actions of those around them and in the world today, and remain balanced and true to self?

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes - M&M

A:“ Hellooooo M&M!! This is simple. Everyone is an empath, sensitive to their environment. We’re all connected, within the same universal pool of energy, so at times, you can’t help but to experience your surroundings, deeply. But remember, to not be affected by something or someone, you simply choose not to react. If you react, if you host the poison, you become it. “


Q:Dear Erik, what is the reason for my having mental health problems - what spiritual mission stands behind those and can I ever get rid of them in this lifetime?Magda 32 years old from Poland.

A:“ Magda, mental health illness is due to lack of consciousness, and living in the illusions that follow. Work on being present with yourself, and not with your fears/ worries. Th more connection you make/allow in the presence moment, the less mental stress and anxiety you’ll experience. It is a choice of being in the now, so you don’t struggle from everything other than. You have the capacity to make the change. “


Q: Hi Elisa,Here's my question for ask Erik column-I live in a building with many other families.  Almost all families are reporting of a GHOSTLY presence in the building in day as well as night. They have reported seeing & feeling a shadow presence.   This shadow presence make people hear loud sounds of various kinds,  many people have fallen ill in the past,  a few have lost their mental balance. But personally I have never experienced any of it. Is this ghostly presence for real?  If yes,  then what can we do about it? Shall we move out of ths building & shift to another place for living ? Can Erik please remove this ghostly presence from the building ?  Please,  please get this question answered as it of vital importance to me. Thanks,Manoj S.

A:‘ Hi Manoj! Listen, there is a lot to address here. First, do I need to remove the spirit? No. What you need to focus on is your conscious awareness. The individuals that fall ill, do so because they struggle through their fear. Fear is a low vibration that easily hosts illness. Fear is reactive to situations. You don’t have to react, in fear. Also, these individuals are falling victim to their own psyche. They are attached to the idea that a shadow is bad or negative. It’s not. They react negatively and manifest negative experiences that follow. Ya get my drift? I hope this helps you to be empowered, through your experiences.”

Q: Hi Elisa, Erik, When Erik talks about light therapy, what kind is he talking about since there are several like bright light therapy for SAD, infrared for pain and color light therapy that is based on the different energy of colors?

 Thank you,Candi Johnson

A:“ Hey Candi, what’s up?! There are many kinds of light therapy. No matter what you’re going through, light therapy, in the form of colors will helps. Colors hold different vibrations, that resonate at various places in the body. Color light therapy enhances, heightens your vibration on many levels.


Q:Hi Elisa, My question is:  Which of my past live's, was instrumental in me choosing the chaotic and difficult one, that I am now living? Shorter (magazine acceptable space) version:  Who was I in my past life? I'm asking, because it must've been a dang, cushy one and I chose my current life, because I still had a "whole" heck of a lot to learn!

 Yours truly, Kathryn M.

A:“ Hi Kathryn. A few things I want you to think about. Every other incarnation is relative to what you’re currently experiencing. This incarnation is providing polarity, against other incarnations and experiences. In this life though, the present moment, you choose what your experiencing. The chaos and difficulty, it your choice, to react, engage and even host that energy. Practice holding space in your heart for grace and patience. The feeling of experiences of chaos will dissolve.”


Dear Dr. Medhus,

Q: My question for Erik:
Is it possible for an ascended being, i.e. Jesus, to experience sadness?
Thank you for this opportunity and all the work that you do.  You and Erik have played a crucial role in opening up spirituality for me.
much love and appreciation,
Madeleine Scola

 A:“ Hello there, Madeleine. Jesus, and other high vibrational beings have full awareness of sadness, but do not need to host it to understand it. They are aware of it, and can relate through compassion, but do not need to reduce to the lower vibration to understand it.’


Q:Hi Erik!Here's my question: Shortly after my sister passed away, an owl appeared in a tree in our backyard for three straight days.  We had never seen one before nor since.  What was that all about?

A:( smiling very big) “ You don’t need me to answer this one. You already know, this is your sister, letting you know she has found you, and is at peace.”

Q;Hello Dr. Medhus and Happy Holidays! It has been awhile since I e-mailed you. I have been a blog member for 3 years already! And I haven't sent any questions for Erik all this time b/c the main reason is I only have the internet for only 15 minutes in the morning & what I do is load as many blog entries on tabs that I can. 
Well, here is my Erik column question: I see these points of light, or shimmers of light rather frequently (mainly at my home). So Erik, what are these shimmers of light and who or what is "making" them? Thank you so much for your time.
With Love,
Casey (Sheldon) Coffman

A:“ Hey Casey! These shimmers of light, are beings of light. Being that no longer have physical form, but high vibrational spirit. Loved ones and angels will make their presence known this way. Don’t be afraid to engage, and ask who it is. Open up to let information flow in. Give gratitude too, and you’ll continue to experience them!”